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Love, light and blessings,

Janet and Walter



Mindfulness Meditations Journal




Mindfulness Meditations are now being used for treatments of a number of issues including:


*  Stress Reduction

*  Depression

*  Substance Abuse

*  Eating Disorders

*  Couples' Conflicts

*  Anxiety Disorders

*  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

However, Mindfulness is a practice.  This journal was created to help you daily Mindfully live in the moment to experience your natural state of peace, happiness, and love.


Sporting the Right Attitude: Lessons Learned In a Troubled Family

"Sporting the Right Attitude,” is both an inspirational memoir and a practical handbook for young adults struggling to overcome life's challenges.    Walter Jackson shares his compelling personal story of a violent childhood, and a car accident that put him in a coma and left him bitter and angry. By using the winning principles he learned in sports to change his attitude and untangle limiting beliefs, he tapped into his personal power which anyone can do.    "Sporting the Right Attitude" includes fascinating highlights and insights from superstar athletes who share the secrets of the mental skills they use to conquer challenges - an win.    You don't need to be an athlete to use the steps in this book to change your life.  You only need the desire to believe in yourself and reach your dreams.  And this amazing transformation all begins with Sporting the Right Attitude.



"Here is a book that should be in every school library because it is loaded with so many ways to help others find themselves."  

Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Dale Brown, Author, Motivational Speaker and

(Shaquille O’Neal’s College Coach)

A Cry for Light: A Journey Into Love

USA BOOK AWARD Winner for Christian Inspiration. "A Cry for Light" is a fast-paced memoir about a Hollywood publicist (Janet Alston Jackson), who finds inner peace when she discovers Mindfulness, (how to live in the now), after her emotionally-disturbed adopted son tears her family apart. This profound and insightful story is inspirational, and provides hope for individuals going through chaos in their lives. A reminder that anyone can find peace and self love amid the storm.


"An amazing book filled with love, power and mindfulness of how each and every one of us can make a difference in this world!"

Your Happiness Is Within


Nominated for The Global E-Book Awards, this collection of weekly messages offers rich insights and valuable wisdom along with a step-by-step guide on how to use calming, Mindfulness to deal with everyday challenges. Anyone can learn this simple ancient practice, and how to instantly apply it to life experiences to release fears and other thoughts that block happiness, your natural state.*


“These Messages have helped me through the more challenging times.”

~Linda Miller


You have no idea how much strength and inspiration I receive from these messages.  They have taken the fire out of despair, brought about calm to a seemingly desperate situation and put hope in my future."

~Alvin Owens


My Song Lyrics Journal 


Give the young lady in your life the perfect journal and diary tool to unleash their creativity and build their self-esteem with the My Song Lyrics Journal. Most teens love to write down the words to their favorite songs. By keeping a journal of lyrics that they identify with, teens can better understand and manage their emotions. This journal makes it easy for young girls to capture their favorite lyrics, or make up their own, all while learning how to process their feelings.  My Song Lyrics Journal is a wonderful self-empowerment tool, and a lifetime keepsake that young girls will cherish for years to come. 

  • promotes creativity

  • empowers teens and tweens

  • encourages writing

  • includes self-empowerment quotes

  • lots of space to express feelings

  • powerful way to connect with teens

  • great conversation tool for parents

  • perfect birthday or graduation gift

  • self empowerment quotes

  • directory for age appropriate lyrics




By Ryan 

Format: Diary Verified Purchase

This is a great journal for tween girls! What I love about it is that it not only has space for girls to write down the lyrics to their favorite songs, but it also asks them to reflect on what those lyrics mean to them. My younger sister, who loves music, instantly started using this journal – and it inspired her to write down her own poetry and song lyrics, too! I’ll definitely be ordering more of these journals once she fills up the one she’s using now.

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4.0 out of 5 starsWho Am I?


By Diversity 

Format: Diary Verified Purchase

This is an excellent journal for young teenage girls who might be withdrawn or simply seeking a way to creatively organize and express their innermost feelings. Since My Song is in book form, it can be a handy reference when needed and a special keepsake. Some of the exercises are repetitive, but it is, nevertheless, a captivating approach to self-awareness.

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5.0 out of 5 starsGreat for Teenagers


By Marianna Tekosky 

Format: Diary

Young folk often find their way to poetry through the songs they love ~ and to write them out and "collect" the ones most important to them will, hopefully, give a boost to their own creativity.

What a splendid idea!

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5.0 out of 5 starsEngaging, thoughtful and fun activity for girls.


By Carol S. Bathke 

Format: Diary Verified Purchase

This journal encourages girls to express their feelings by relating them to their favorite (or not!) music. They can express their feelings by writing their own songs and keep a meaningful record of their thoughts during this time in their lives. As I teacher and parent, I highly recommend this journal. It's also pretty!

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 Sporting the Right Attitude Motivational Exercise Log

This unique motivational exercise workout log is great to inspire you to get in shape and stay motivated with powerful quotes from top athletes and others. Journal is designed to help you make every workout achieve your goals by keeping track of your progress simply and easily. Perfect layout for tracking workouts and progress with six columns Super simple to fill out goals, reps, minutes, notes and other No extra fluff in this journal A must for serious athletes, as well as beginners Plenty room to record your progress Helps keeps you focused Quotes and affirmations on each page from top athletes to keep you motivated Small and easy to carry to the gym Laminated sturdy and durable book with thick pages.

The log book was inspired a former Four-Sport star athlete, who reinvented himself with motivational and sports principles after a tragic car accident stole his career. He learned that the right attitude can bring success. A portion of the log book proceeds will go to facilitating the ongoing free Sporting the Right Attitude programs for underprivileged youth and their parents.
*Shop at our Right Attitude

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