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"Changing Attitudes to Change Outcomes!"




"Changing Attitudes to Change Outcomes," is a fast-paced, highly informative and entertaining program facilitated by Walter Jackson (author “Sporting the Right Attitude” and Janet Alston Jackson (author “A Cry for Light.”) 


This husband-and-wife motivational team are well-known for their relatable straight-talk that inspires their audiences.  


For years, the Jacksons have been invited to present at the annual Parenting Conference for the Los Angeles Unified School District at the Convention Center.


Their proven 90-minute program helps parents to read and understand their child’s behavioral style, and gain tools to effectively communicate for cooperation without nagging, lecturing, and putting them on guilt trips.


Strong advocates of parent-teacher partnerships, the Jackson’s mission is to bring both  school stake-holders close together through understanding and teaching behavioral styles for better communication to help children. 


"It's difficult for today's hard-working parents to try to communicate with their child with so many distractions in everyday life. Not only are parents competing with their child’s peer pressure, but technology that keeps us all over-engage .  We have lost the art of communication.  This is why we love doing this program for parents,”  says Walter Jackson. "Today's drop-out rate is at epidemic proportions with 7,000 children each day across the country leaving school. That's one every nine seconds so parents have to communicate with their children to help them be successful, productive citizens.”


The Jacksons have three children, including two who are adopted.


The Jacksons' developed this program for parents and teachers,  after going through frustrating channels to get their adopted Special Needs son help.  The subject of their journey workshops is in Janet's award-winning book and Walter's book:

"A Cry For Light: A Journey Into Love".   

Also available on Kindle

Sporting the Right Attitude: Lessons Learned in a Troubled Family


Our Blog:  StressLess Parenting



(Materials used in this workshop available in Spanish)  



About this Program: 


PARENTS will learn how to read their children and others to gain cooperation and eliminate conflicts.   They can better advocate for their child, and work together with teachers for the success of their student by using new communication skills and Mindfulness-Based Stress Management techniques for inner peace, to maintain healthy bodies, emotions, and minds.  




  • Learn how to read and understand your child's behavioral style (strengths and weaknesses) 

  • Inspire your child to become self-motivated

  • Advocate for your child's needs

  • Anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with your child and others

  • Identify your behavioral style strengths and weaknesses to communicate more effectively with others in your personal and professional lives  (Discover how others see you to gain cooperation!)

  • Learn the ancient Mindfulness technique used in hospitals and clinics around the country to release stress: how to relax, and even find inner peace in the middle of chaos.


Why have hundreds of parents and teachers attended this popular presentation?

“Great Presentation!”

Here is what Parents are saying about our program:

“Really Inspirational, and


Parent and spokeswoman

for Boys Team Charity

Click Below to See Our Program in action

“A blessing to hear this message.” 

“The session really

helped me."

"Great experience!  We

related to the message."


"You will enjoy this program!"


David Wyles, parent and Chairman of the Community Advisory Committee
Los Angeles Unified School District

“Quite inspiring. 

Gave me new ideas.



“One of the exercises

we did was a gift.”

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StressLess Parent Program!

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Janet and Walter with Brad Boeckmann, co-owner of

Galpin Ford

Listen to these Parent's testimony!

More Parent Testimonies:



“This workshop helped me so much to understand my son, and how to deal with him.  I was so worried about him, but now I have hope.”

Jessica Arias


“I loved the Jacksons!  They know what parents are going through, and how to help them because they have been there.  Listening to their stories helped me to see that I am not alone.  I am so glad I took their workshop.”

Sandra Cassell


“I go to a lot of school conferences because I am really involved with my kids and their school, but this workshop was the best.  I want to take it again.”

Marsha White


“I didn’t want to go to  a parent training but my wife dragged me here.  I’m so glad she did because even though there are a lot of women at these things, seeing Walter lead the workshop was great.  He made it fun, and I learned a lot, not only about my kids, but myself.”

Ken Sykes 


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Janet speaking with former Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa.  The Jackson’s "StressLess Parenting" program was chosen to be a part of the  Los Angeles Mayor’s Summer Night Lights Program.


Janet and Walter pictured (in the back of photo) with parents after the Jackson's presentation to Holmes International Humanities Magnet.


"Thank you again for such great workshop. The parents just loved it! I sure hope we can have you again next year."

Isabel D. Keossian, Parent Representative
Holmes Middle School & Holmes International Humanities Magnet


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