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Sporting the Right Attitude

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Self Awareness Trainings, LLC

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Janet and Walter

Are You Looking for a Unique, High-Energy
High-Content, Dramatically Memorable Presentation with Humor?






  • The Jacksons "re-energizing training" helps your staff reconnect, refocus and recommit.

  • Their training is relatable and balanced for both the males and females in the audience through Walter and Janet's perspectives.

  • Inspirational and fascinating stories your group will repeat and remember for success.

  • Their presentation moves even long-term veteran employees to recommit to your organization by sharing their practical lessons from life-experiences they can relate,not regurgitated leadership principles from books.

  • Participants learn mindfulness tools they can use immediately tight deadlines and other work pressures.


  • Your audience will not only pay attention to their sports and television stories from the Jackson's backgrounds playing sports and working for CBS and ABC; when they    leave the training, they will constantly be reminded of the Jackson's stories and principles through the media.

  • The Jacksons create a safe, relaxed, team-building atmosphere, allowing participants to share feelings and connect with co-workers to work successfully together to get the jobs done.

  • Participants learn how to reduce and avoid conflicts with co-workers and others.

  • The Jacksons are a relatable couple who can connect with any audience.  The couple has trained thousands in all walks of life, law enforcement, teachers, health care, parents, youth, business, government, and the military.

  • Training is fun and high paced to keep audience engaged.




No matter what the makeup of your audience, the Jacksons will adapt to the specifics of your conference and industry.


Our Popular Topic
"Sporting the Right Attitude: Mindful Leadership"
can be modified for your group.




In our "Building Resilence" trainings and coaching, we proudly incorporate
 powerful tools and techniques developed and
based on scientific research by the
Heartmath Institute, an international leader in
Stress Management.  
We are honored to be in partnership with this amazing organization whose mission is to provide solutions for activating the heart of humanity. 



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