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Law Enforcement Training

Understanding and Effectively Communicating With Others
Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and Build Resilience

Participants Benefits:

  • Identify work behavioral style​

  • Discover your communication strenghs

  • Learn your communication weaknesess and how to strengthen them

  • Gain understanding of others and self

  • Read behavioral styles and how to relate

  • Anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others

  • Learn to live "in the moment" to reduce stress 

  • Increase concentration

  • Channel anger and other emotions effectively

  • Develop negotiating skills

  • Overcoming job isolation


"I have reviewed the course evluation sheets, and it is evident that Walter and Janet Jackson's training had a significant impact on how the Lieutenants plan to continue to improve their communication skills.  The concern to spend more time in this training format will be reviewed.

I will be speking to other instituions to recommend this training to them.  We look forward to future seminars with your company."



California State Prison- Los Angeles County


"I had an opportunity to hire Walter and Janet Jackson to do a four-day seminar on communication for approximately 2 Correctional Lieutenants and ninety (90 ) teachers and vocational instructors employed at the prison.

The results were outstanding.  The particants were extremely pleased and complimentry of the training, 

and even asked Walter and janet to serve on an advisory  board.

The most common comments concerning the training were, "This is the best training I have ever had," and "Wish I'd had it before."

J. M.
Associate Warden, Central Operations
California State Prison-Los Angeles County


"I am writing to inform you how delighted Ironwood State Prison is over the training you provided to our Lieutenants.  The feed back received has been positive. Recognizing the different management styles is important when dealing withothers.  The training has enhanced Ironwood State Prison's most importan resources, it's employees. Thank you." 

Department of Corrections
Ironwood State Prison



"Your style, enthusiasm, and message is unique, definitely not like any other presentation I have attended.  You put so much of yourself into your creative and memorable presentation. Your speech was quite meaningful and your message was well heeded by our lieutenants and educators.  Your energy and motivation is most appreciated."

California State Prison- Los Angeles

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