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Entertainment Industry


Building Resilience and Relationships                        
in the Entertainment Industry 



This Entertainment Industry Resilience Empowerment Program helps you to
cultivate long-term relationships, release stress, and build resiliency by using
the heart's intelligence to effectively deal with:


  • Diverse industry personalities                                                         

  • Communicate with industry decision-makers and celebrities

  • Making negotiations

  • Handling deadlines with ease

  • Tapping into your creative intuition for great ideas

  • Handling the fast-paced, rapidly changing industry

  • Working with difficult people

Janet (middle in green) with some Univision Television employees after her training.


Customized Program for Your Organization:


          You will learn a practical and easy to use scientific-proven tool-set to respond coherently to pressures and emotional challenges, to optimize your performance, live in harmony, make wiser decisions, connect with others, and better manage your mind and emotions. 
    In addition, participants will identify their blocks to the effectiveness they want, and how to stay energized throughout the day.


DOWNLOAD MINDFULNESS brochure for the Entertainment Industry- pdf

Why Train With Janet Alston Jackson?

   Janet is an award-winning author, who has trained thousands on effective communication, building resilience, and stress management, including: law enforcement, health care professionals, teachers, college students, and corporate executives. 

Her certifications

include Mindfulness,

the Law of Attraction,

and Heartmath

licensed coach.

     Janet's engaging

and enlightening

teaching style                          

comes from her

20 years experience

as a publicist for


Television Networks

working with network

and studio executives,

celebrities, directors, producers, and the media. Her industry career also includes manager for ABC/Disney as the West Coast photo editor in charge of the network's image, and heading publicity for CBS Television Network's West Coast daytime line-up.  
    She has won The Hollywood Publicists Guild Award for promoting the hit series, "Twin Peaks."   
Her love for training industry professionals stems from working on hundreds of classic show episodes including:
"Roseanne," "Full-House," "Mary Tyler Moore," Lou Grant," "The Jeffersons," "Knot's Landing," "The Wonder Years," "One Day at a Time," "Full House," "Good Times," "The Waltons," "Falcon Crest," "Rhoda," "The Carol Burnett Show," "The Young and Restless," "The Bold and Beautiful," "Circus of the Stars," "The Price is Right,'' "Pee-Wee's Playhouse," "All In the Family," "The Young and the Restless," and "Bold and Beautiful." And working on award shows including:
"The Grammys," "The Emmys," and  "The People's Choice Awards".





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