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Think like a winner...because you are!


A powerful speaker and story-teller, WALTER JACKSON overcame a troubled past by changing his attitude.  His personal message mesmerizes and inspires youth. “Sporting the Right Attitude,” in counseling classes. 



How Is This Training Different?


  • Walter and Janet Jackson bring their powerful, inspirational personal stories of overcoming obstacles which your group can easily relate to in their own lives.  Great leaders must know how to navigate turmultuous grounds, adapt, and still have a good attitude. 

  • The couple share their corporate leadership experiences from their backgrounds in two of the most influential pasttimes in the world for students:
    Sports and Television. (See their Bios)

    These fascinating stories will engage and your audience.

  • Why are these stories of sports principles in leadership and entertainment relevant?  

    We live in a media driven culture. Students will be constantly reminded what they learned in this leadership training by the media's attention on sports and entertainment long after the event.  Media outlets have changed from just reporting straight news to incorporating more stories on sports and entertainment, simply because they are now the most read stories, especially on the Web.
    This leadership training captivates attention even for your most unattentive student will be engaged. 


  • Particpants get a balanced view from the female and male perspective of leadership.

  • This training is fast-moving, and interactive.  Particpants won't get bored. 

  • College students want to know how to make relationships work.  It's one of the top requested speaker topics in colleges.The Jacksons training together as a husband-wife team inspires audiences.  Seeing a couple married over 3 decades, working to help others, is powerful.  Attendees say they were inspired by their personal relationships.  This is gold!  You can't be effective on the job if your home life is falling apart.

  • The couple give plenty of tips in that area too, which particpants find inspirational and valuable. 


CLICK HERE FOR Workshop and Speech content



   Commitment to Your Goals
   Never, Ever Give Up



* Raises student’s confidence
* Understand their behavioral style

* Learn to communicate effectively

* Prevents drop outs
* Teaches how to release stress
* Trusting Your Instincts


Sporting the Right Attitude:

in Leadership


Great enlightening leadership program for young adults to build self-esteem and self-awareness.    



(Watch Walter in Action Below speaking at the University of California, Long Beach)



"I couldn’t be any happier about how the class went. Your presentation was everything I expected and more. It was professional and informative, engaging – and fun. It is not always easy to keep a group of almost 350 students engaged, but you owned that classroom. All the students were so engaged, and I rarely see so many students come up front after class to talk to and thank speakers individually. Also, I wanted to let you know that many students have come to me since and told me about how they enjoyed class and how they found you and your presentation inspiring.”

Ilona S. Yim, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine














“I highly recommend Walter Jackson for any speaking event due to his level of speaking ability and professionalism. I am blessed to bring him to

inspire our fraternity." 

Mike Phu, Junior, Vice President, Delta Sigma Pi, Business Fraternity, California State University, Long Beach 


“Your story has greatly inspired my life.” 

Stephanie Morales, senior-Mission City College, Los Angeles County


“Some speakers just talk about having a great attitude, but Walter has survived horrific life experiences because he changed his attitude...and he inspires me to do the same.”

Ashley Williams- senior, University of California, Riverside



Walter speaks to students at California State University, Long Beach

University of California, Irvine students waiting to speak to the Jacksons  (left) after their presentation pictured right.



Janet and Walter after presenting to the University of California, Los Angeles



Student Testimonies from College of the Canyons


California State University MBA Student

Janet (in grey sweater)  gets a hug

from student after her presentation.


The Jacksons with students

Janet speaking to students at the University of California,

The Jacksons With Professor Yim

C"Walter's speech was really moving.  I related to what he said, and it touched me. I'm so grateful that he came today.”

Maggie Walsh, junior, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and organizer of the college’s first "Positivity Conference"



"Thank you for a inspiring afternoon. I look forward to having you back on our campus again to provide additional training for the faculty and staff."


Leslie Carr
Director, Professional Development College of the Canyons


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