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"Walter and Janet,

Again thank you for an absolutely wonderful event!  I want to share with you the feedback from your presentation.  People said they have never left an event feeling more refreshed and recharged!  I want to book a virtual session with you as well." 

Amelia Earhart Society, Boeing Aircraft


Mr. Jackson, 

Your style, enthusiasm, and message is unique, definitely not like any other presentation I have attended.  You put so much of yourself into your creative and memorable presentation. Your speech was quite meaningfuland your message was well heeded by our members.  Your energy and motivation is most appreciated.

Bill Gellman, C.P.M. CPPO

Los Angeles Metro Public Purchasing Agent's 


"Your presentation, which shared your insight into overcoming obstacles and setbacks through "Sporting the Right Attitude," was very uplifting and informative for our business leaders.


Providing inspirational and motivational vision is important to Cypress' larger companies, who are the focus of the Brace Program. Your subject was well received by event participants. These companies can now apply the insight gained from your presentation to their business practices and created the possibility for change.

The Honorable Doug Bailey, Mayor City of Cypress (California)


Walter receives an award from Mayor Doug Bailey for his presentation to the Brace Program 

(Promoting the principles of Business Retention, Attraction, Creation & Expansion after his training to the Program's Business Leaders) See the Mayor's comments below)

Walter with officers and civilian staff after his presentation to 
United States Navy pictured with officers and civilian military staff.  (See video of that talk)

Walter Jackson and Janet Alston Jackson
speaking with business leaders.

"Your training had a significant impact. The results were outstanding from educators and Lieutenants, who daily depend on communication, and were extremely pleased and complimentary of your training.  They learned a great deal about themselves, and co-workers.  They want you to serve on the advisory board. Thank you for this training, and I look forward to future seminars with your company."



California State Prison-Los Angeles County.

(Trained their Lieutenants, SWAT, and 80 educators)


The Jacksons with Boeing Aircraft employees after their presentation. 

We are honored that Galpin Ford, the largest Ford Volume Dealership in the world, sponsored our parent program.Pictured: Janet and Walter with Vice President Brad Boeckmann, of Galpin Ford Motors




"I want to thank you for your generous Contribution to our Chapter!  We were very fortunate to have you here.  

I  really enjoyed your  presentation.  Your impact was incredible,   you and your husband inspired me on my communication skills.   I also  enjoyed  the stretch exercises.    You  are real people with an inspirational message.  It was an honor  and a privilege meeting you wonderful people, God Bless and take good care.  Thank you."

Alba L. DeLeon

Team Leader, Internal Revenue Service


"I really enjoyed their presence and their way of effectively communicating their story.  Their stories were inspiring.  As presenters, they were engaging with their audience.  I left the conference with an uplifted feeling. "

Mayra Dimas, President, HIRE Southern California Chapter, Internal Revenue Service  (Hispanic IRS Women's Conference)


"Walter and Janet Jackson are an amazing team!   They really engaged the audience and drew us into their inspirational stories. They made us feel that no matter where we came from and what our challenges were that we all have the potential to overcome them, to do well in life, and to positively affect others depending on our mindset and willingness to thrive and do the best we can.      It was special because they shared their personal and intimate life stories, which we would never have suspected that being so successful they could have been dealt such difficulties in their lives. Yet, they persevered and now they are able to give us some great lessons to help us with our personal challenges.   I loved the various exercises that we engaged in (the breather exercises, the meditation exercises, the getting up and greeting others with and without excitement, the dancing, and the listening)  to get the full effect of their training techniques.  I look forward to more of their presentations and training sessions. " 

Patricia DiDonato,   Team Manager,  Internal Revenue Service






Mindful Leadership Trainings for Great Business




Build Resilience and Release Stress


Finally, stress reduction that works!


In today’s stressful world finding something that works to relieve stress and limit the impact stress has on your body is like finding a goldmine.


This program shows you how your physiology can respond differently to stress and teaches you how to manage your reactions to stressful situations. Through your new, healthier response to
stress, you will create a positive impact on your body and mind.

This focused and practical program combines personalized coaching and a detailed practice plan to meet your personal objectives.


What you will gain:


  • The ability to recognize and disengage from the negative

       impact stress has on your body and mind.

  • How to tap into your intuitive wisdom to make wise decisions.

  • Keep balanced in the midst of deadlines and chaos.

  • How to Mindfully deal with traffic, emails, and phone calls.

  • How to speak up in meetings with ease.


  • Understand the relationship between emotions, stress and mind-body health.


  • Restore your nervous system health and increase your energy levels.


  • Transform stress on demand, 24/7 -any time, any where.

  • Learn Mindfulness techniques to live a happier life.

  • Improved mental clarity and problem solving skills.

  • How to separate home and professional issues.



Better Your Professional and Personal Relationships
With Our Diversity Training


Effective communications makes all the difference in personal and professional relationships. Being able to relate to others and have them relate to you is the key. Understanding your behavioral style will help you to communicate even with the most difficult person. You'll see that people are not always difficult... just different.


In our workshops we use a non-judgmental personal growth tool to help you understand behavioral types and personality styles to better your relationships.



What you will learn:


    * How to read others  to gain

    * Overcoming Obstacles                                   

    * How to manage effectively                                              

    * Foster great teamwork                                                        

    * Improve communication skills

    * Reduce and eliminate conflicts

    * Cope better with others

    * Incorporate Positive change
    * Learn mindfulness-based stress
      management for inner peace and
      making right judgements
    * Trusting your Instincts      



Why train with
Walter and/or Janet  Jackson?


(The Jacksons train together or individually)



Your staff has most likely been to other leadership trainings. They know what it takes to be a leader.  They have probably studied and listened to hours of audios on the subject as well. 


Understanding intellectually is different from being inspired and motivated to put what they learn in action.


This is exactly why,you need to bring the Jacksons in to give a unique perspective on leadership that is not like the typical leadership training to make a difference. 


How Is This Training Different?


  • The Jacksons bring their powerful, inspirational personal stories of overcoming obstacles which your group can easily relate to in their own lives.  Great leaders must know how to navigate turmultuous grounds, adapt, and still have a good attitude. 

  • The couple share their corporate leadership experiences from their backgrounds in two of the most influential pasttimes in the world: Sports and Television. (See their Bios)These fascinating stories will engage and inspire participants.Why are these stories of sports principles in leadership and entertainment relevant?  We live in a media driven culture. Participants will be constantly reminded what they learned in this leadership training by the media's attention on sports and entertainment long after the event.  Media outlets have  changed from just reporting straight news to incorporating more stories on sports and entertainment, simply because it is now the most read stories, especially on the Web.This leadership training captivates attention even for your most seasoned veterans.

  • Particpants get a balanced view from the female and male perspective of leadership.

  • This training is fast-moving, interactive and entertaining.  

  • The Jacksons training together as a husband-wife team inspires audiences.  Seeing a couple married over 3 decades, working to help others, is powerful.  Attendees say they were inspired by their personal relationships. This is gold!  You can't be effective on the job if your home life is falling apart.

  • The couple give plenty of tips in that area too, which particpants find inspirational and valuable. 

Janet (middle in green)  with Univision Television Network
employees after her presentationt
(See endorsement )

Janet and Walter with Internal Revenue Management Team  (Janet 2nd from left, Walter far right

Hispanic Women of the Internal Revenue Service Association event. The Jacksons were the keynote speakers. (pictured: IRS management and book signing.


"This team-building training made us like each other!"

Gail Dover, CEO,YMCA Executive Leadership Training


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