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Meet The Jacksons                           



Walter H. Jackson and Janet Alston Jackson are relationship experts who have facilitated SPORTING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE, their "self-empowerment" program to thousands in all walks of life for nearly 20 years.   Their Sporting the Right Attitude company has won the 2015 Los Angeles Award for Consulting and Business Services.
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Walter H. Jackson, Msc.D.




Janet Alston  Jackson


Author and Keynote speaker Walter Jackson, Msc.D., is an author of several books, including "Sporting the Right Attitude: Lessons Learned in a Troubled Family,” a finalist in the USA BOOK News Awards, and "Your Happiness Is Within," nominated for the Global E-Books Awards.Walter has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows around the country. A former athlete, he teaches sports principles which helped him overcome a fatal car accident and growing up in family violence. (Read More Here keynote speech)


He owns Self Awareness Trainings, LLC, a behavioral consultant company. Walter often teams with his wife, Janet Alston Jackson facilitating their personal empowerment workshops to thousands since 1993, including law enforcement, business owners, parents, teachers, mental and health care professionals, college students, and entertainment industry executives.


Walter began his career as a Probation Officer for The Los Angeles County Probation Department, and later became a commercial Realtor in Beverly Hills.  He was a project manager at a Federal Agency for over 20 years and supervised the Officer Next Door Program. 


In 1993 he co-founded and was the CEO of a non-profit esteem and tutoring program for youths and their parents. He attended received his degree in social work from California State University, Sacramento, and was a ministerial student at Ernest Holmes College.  He also has a doctorate in metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics, and he is a licensed Heartmath coach.


Walter has also served on the California State Prison Advisory Board.In 2001 Walter was inducted into the African American Athletes Hall of Fame in Stockton California .


In addition to his books, Walter has launched his Sporting the Right Attitude brand of sports equipment now selling on Amazon.


Award-winning author Janet Alston Jackson, believes,  "You can have inner peace, even in the middle of chaos." This is the unwavering belief and teachings of her trainings, speeches, and coaching, 


She won the USA Book News Award for her biography,  "A Cry for Light: Journey into Love," and "Your Happiness Is Within," nominated for Global E-books Award.


A communications expert, Janet shares how she had to find inner peace practicing Mindfulness during her 20 years promoting celebrities for ABC and CBS Television Networks while raising three children, one with special needs. 


"Mindfulness," says Janet,  "Kept me balanced because I was able to release stress in the high pressured situations."  She is a teacher for Emindful.


A Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner, Janet teaches how wealthy celebrities, and those successful working behind the scenes, use the Law of Attraction, which anyone can use to manifest their goals and dreams. She was the publicist on ground breaking classic television shows including: "RoseAnne," "Good Times," "The Jeffersons," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Waltons," and "Rhoda," "Full House."  In addition to working on television movies, "The Emmys," "The Grammys" and "The People's Choice Awards."


She was awarded the national Publicist Guild of America Award for the "Twin Peaks," television series. (SEE JANET'S photo album with iconic celebrities she has promoted.) and her interviews with award winning authors. 


Janet left the entertainment industry when she adopted two of her three children.  She was shocked and saddened to learn that at time, 50,000 children in Los Angeles county were wards of the court because they had been abused or neglected like her adopted children.  She and her husband, founded a non-profit organization to raise the self-esteem of children, and to teach parents Mindfulness to release stress with hopes of keeping families together. 

Janet spent four years in the ministry.  She received the Three Jewels and Five Mindfulness Trainings Certification from world-renowned Mindfulness teacher and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Mr. Nhat Hanh, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Dr. Martin Luther King, also wrote an intro to Janet's memoir, "A Cry for Light: A Journey Into Love." The memoir chronicles Janet's journey into the Mindfulness practice, as it helped her raise her emotionally disturbed adopted son. Her is Dharma name "Compassionate Healer of the Heart." 


She is also a licensed Heartmath coach, Reiki Master and certified in the Law of Attraction and Mindfulness.


Janet is a volunteer Los Angeles Zoo docent.  Her favorite duty with the Zoo is ltaking small animals to hospitals, senior centers, and schools for special needs children.  She also volunteers teaching incarcerated teen girls creative writing. 


The Jacksons are parents of three grown children, two adopted.  They live in the Atlanta area with their small baby-dogs.